Unchart Island is the unofficial name for the last tent of The Campground. It houses people who have not been assigned jobs on the campsite, either due to being new, or showing no useful powers during Placement. Such people are not listed on the job chart, and as such are called uncharted, or Uncharts.

Residents Edit

The following people reside within Unchart Island:

  • Alex Cable
  • Mandy Parker
  • Grace Fairwell, a girl cursed to become a glass statue in the moonlight
  • Thomas Anguini, a half-Gorgon boy with harmless corn snakes for hair, and only able to stop motion of someone while maintaining direct eye contact.
  • Peter Piper, the son of the Pied Piper and inheritor of his flute. No musical talent.
  • Gabriella Nix, a girl whose tongue has been cut out, but can read minds and project her voice into the minds of others
  • Pyrrha, a girl who was born a phoenix, but prayed to Zeus to become human. Can revive from her ashes. Can place and retrieve things from a separate personal dimension like a room
  • Joji Hajime, the boy who drew only cats. Any thing he draws can come to life at night. He can only draw cats.

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