A Hemonculus, colloquially called a "Tax Vamp" is any member of the task force whose primary goal are to collect blood taxes from those with special abilities. Additionally, they are meant to police those with powers, and keep them under control. Each are equipped with a set of twelve vials upon every dispatch. Six are empty for use in collection, and six contain Mimcry Potions used to aid in their jobs.

Vials Edit

The two vial types, Collection and Enforcement, are different in not only application, but also form.

Collection Edit

Collection Vials look like test tubes, and have the rims of their black caps lined with small needles. This allows them to be pressed directly against the skin of those they collect blood from, and draw the blood quickly. It is due to this that they are colloquially referred to as "leeches". The blood in the collection vials is used to create Mimicry Potions, which either go into the royal vault for storage, or are distributed to the military.

Enforcement Edit

Enforcement Vials are used to help police those with special abilities. They also look like test tubes, but their caps are red, and specially designed that they can only be opened by military personnel. Each is labeled with the specific ability they grant their user. Every Hemonculus carries one for each of the following applications:

  • Stopping - An ability which is used to slow or stop the target. Examples include freezing, stunning, and tranquilization
  • Force - A powerful, destructive ability with a main purpose of using brute force for submission. Examples include strength and pyrokinesis
  • Conversion - Controls the will of the target to cause them to be complacent. Examples include hypnosis
  • Evasion - An ability which allows the user to avoid their target's attacks. Examples include speed and invisibility
  • Confusion - Used to disorient the target and lower the accuracy of their retaliation. Examples include hallucinogenesis
  • Protection - An ability which shields the user from attacks. Examples include force field creation

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